Mario Barcala
To give advise on building corpora or treebanks.
To develop and/or adapt tools for corpora or treebanks friendly building assistance.
To develop and/or setup morphosyntatic taggers for unassisted part-of-speech (POS) tagging and lemmatizing.
To build information retrieval systems.
To develop scripts for making unassisted changes inside documents (format conversions, structure changes, getting statistical values, etc.) or diferent kinds of validations (structure, content, etc.)
To install, setup and give support for all necessary hardware and software to accomplish all processes related with building, processing and querying corpora or treebanks: servers, control versioning software, databases, backups, etc.
Quality of my works is supported by more than ten years of research and applications development on natural language processing (NLP) field.
Last updated: 2016-7-11